Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sede Vacante 2013

As of 1pm CST (8PM Rome), Pope Benedict XVI is no longer pope, and we have entered the period of sede vacante.

I would personally like to thank Pope Benedict XVI for his leadership, fidelity, and joyful stewardship. I would especially like to thank him for his teaching and dedication to the themes of liturgy and beauty, as well as the complementarity of faith and reason.  These themes have inspired me in my apostolate.

From Fr. George Rutler:
In many glorious ways, Benedict XVI has done just that. With unerring fidelity he has explained the sacred deposit of the Faith to its opponents, both cultured and uncultured, with patient eloquence and stunning insight. Many reforms in the Church’s structure and the purification of abuses were his intense initiatives. Rather like St. Francis of Assisi going to meet with the caliph of Egypt clad only in simplicity, Benedict XVI refused to wear a bullet-proof vest when he went to Turkey, turning the anger of many to respect. A new reverence and beauty in worship has been his gift to the Church through his renewal of the sacred rites, and the provision of an ordinariate for whole groups seeking full communion with the Church “amazed and astonished” many.
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