Saturday, April 02, 2005

The See of Rome is Vacant

The Holy Father has died. Delivered into the arms of the Savior he adored, and the Mother he loved so much. May his legacy live on.
Subvénite, Sancti Dei; occúrrite, Angeli Domini: Suscipientes animam eius. Offerentes eam in conspectu Altissimi.
I have been informed that my cardinal archbishop, Roger Cardinal Mahony, is already making his way to Rome to meet with the other cardinals. He has left some guidelines for the archdiocese to follow in the coming days. May the Holy Spirit guide the cardinals and all the Church through the next few weeks and beyond.

EWTN has a thorough website explaining what happens upon the death of a pope when the Holy See is vacant; a period referred to as the Interregnum.
The Holy Father

Easter came and went, and I have slacked off on posting anything. And so many events have happened... forgive me.

Please join me in praying for the Holy Father; It most likely isn't going to be too long before our Lord calls him home. An incredible figure of world history, and incredible pope for our universal church.


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