Sunday, April 11, 2004

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

Seven years ago tonight, I was baptized, confirmed, and I received my first holy communion -- all in one amazing night. Today I continue, with the merciful help of God's grace, to try to live out that commission of Christ with all who live in Him. Pray that I may continue to live out the Gospel in my daily life; pray that I may never shy away from going out into the world to preach the Good News! Christ has redeemed us and delivered us from everlasting death! Christ has restored life and goes before us ever more! As long as we choose the path of faith, instead of the path of fear, what is there to be afraid of?

Tonight we celebrated the Easter Vigil with the Jesuits over at Our Lady of Sorrows in downtown Santa Barbara. It was done well and beautifully. The homily addressed the importance of maturing in the faith, of not being stagnant or too comfortable, but always being willing to step out in faith knowing that truly no risk is too great with the light of Christ ever before us!

This is truly God's own day!
Hic est dies verus Dei, sancto serenus lumine,
quo diluit sanguis sacer probrosa mundi crimina.

Fidem refundit perditis caecosque visu illuminat;
quem non gravi solvit metu latronis absolutio?

Opus stupent et angeli poenam videntes corporis
Christoque adhaerentem reum vitam beatam carpere.

Mysterium mirabile ut abluat mundi luem,
peccata tollat omnium carnis vitia mundans caro.

Quid hoc potest sublimius, ut culpa quaerat gratiam,
metumque solvit caritas, reddatque mors vitam novam?

Esto perenne mentibus paschale, Iesu, gaudium,
ut nos renatos gratiae tuis triumphis aggrega.

Iesu, tibi sit gloria quo morte victa praenites,
cum Patre et almo Spiritu in sempiterna saecula.

Next Sunday is Quasimodo Sunday! From the words of the Latin introit:
Quasi modo geniti infantes, rationabile, sine dolo lac concupiscite ut in eo crescatis in salutem si gustastis quoniam dulcis Dominus.

As newborn babes, desire the rational milk without guile, that thereby you may grow unto salvation: If so be you have tasted that the Lord is sweet.
Beautiful. I wish you all a blessed Easter season!


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