Sunday, October 18, 2009

Visit of the Promoter General

Today the Dominican Promoter General for the Laity, Fr. David Kammler, visited with our group here in Houston. Fr. Kammler comes to us from the ancient basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome after a lengthy trip around the country. We had a great visit with him. He took the time to report to us the state of the lay movements within the Order of Preachers, which are quite extensive, and his experience with the work of the Order around the world, particularly in Vietnam and Indonesia. In some of these regions, Lay Dominicans have been responsible for keeping the faith alive. Fr. Kammler returns to Rome tomorrow.

Requiescant In Pace

Please pray for the repose of the souls of Nikki Eyler Bomicino and her husband Tim who died tragically in an automobile accident in California last week. I knew Nikki going back many years into elementary school. Apparently they were also expecting their first child. Pray for them and for the consolation of their family and friends. May they rest in peace.

While you are at it, pray for Fr. Campion Aspinall, C.J., who died unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago while visiting family in his beloved England at the age of 83. Fr. Campion was found one morning by his sister slumped over in his chair with the rosary in his hand. His desire had always been to die near his family in his beloved homeland of England, and it looks like he got his wish (apparently he carried a picture of the Queen of England in his wallet). Obviously, Fr. Campion's death wasn't so much tragic as it was unexpected. He had been officially retired and in residence at my home parish of St. Louis de Montfort in Santa Maria but still assisted with daily and weekly liturgies. I'll always remember his knack for, ahem, lengthy and idiosyncratic homilies, but I have to say, he knew his history well, and I also personally found him to be a great confessor. May he rest in peace.

Catholic Chaplain Offers Mass in Iraqi Monastery

I thought this was a cool post by Taylor Marshall.
A friend of mine Father Jeff Whorton is a married Catholic priest (former Anglican priest under the Pastoral Provision) recently offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in an abandoned monastery in Mosul, Iraq (allegedly ancient Nineveh). It is the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq and it was recently rediscovered (see Smithsonian article). In the 1700s, 150 were martyred at this location. Today it lies in ruins.

Please pray for Fr. Jeff. He is a true hero. I am so inspired by his faith. He's a living saint. Not only is he a Catholic priest, he's also a U.S. chaplain. Not only is he a priest and chaplain, he's a married man and father of seven! Keep him in your prayers and say a Rosary for the good man.
Pray for Fr. Jeff and for all military chaplains - they are sorely needed and do incredible work for our men and women military, regardless of whether we officially agree or disagree with the jobs these men and women are asked to do.


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