Thursday, October 08, 2009

What are 'Latinizations'?

For those interested, Josephus Flavius refers to some of what are generally considered "Latinizations" in Eastern Catholicism. We are fortunate to be alive to see this trend reverse in recent decades.

For an idea of just how extreme Latinization can get, be sure to check out the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Priestly Society of Saint Josaphat, which is affiliated with the SSPX. here are some other pictures from their website.

The notorious Richard Williamson of the SSPX ordained two priests and seven deacons for the SSJK in 2006. Here are some pictures of that event.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Holy Father Francis

Happy feast of St. Francis!

From the Primitive Constitutions of the Order of Friars Preachers (Dominicans):
Let Friars Minor, as well as our own, be received in a charitable and cheerful spirit, and be treated with the care and consideration which the means of the house allow.
Be sure to join me by praying the rosary as we approach a major feast this week: Our Lady of the Rosary (Wednesday, Oct. 7th).

Pastors and indiscreet speech

From today's Office of Readings from the Pastoral Guide of Pope St. Gregory the Great:
A spiritual guide should be silent when discretion requires and speak when words are of service. Otherwise he may say what he should not or be silent when he should speak. Indiscreet speech may lead men into error and an imprudent silence may leave in error those who could have been taught. Pastors who lack foresight hesitate to say openly what is right because they fear losing the favor of men. As the voice of truth tells us, such leaders are not zealous pastors who protect their flocks, rather they are like mercenaries who flee by taking refuge in silence when the wolf appears.


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