Saturday, April 26, 2003

Which Twentieth Century Pope are you?

John Paul II
You are Pope John Paul II. You are a force to be reckoned with.

Which Twentieth Century Pope Are You?
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The Mass of St. Gregory the Great

Adrien Ysenbrandt
Netherlandish, 1510 - 1550

From the Getty Center Collection:
In an elaborately detailed Gothic cathedral, Pope Gregory the Great kneels before the crucified Christ, who has miraculously appeared before the congregation. While saying mass one day, Pope Gregory became aware of a disbeliever and began to pray for a sign that would leave no doubt about the real presence of Christ in the Mass. Showing his stigmata and surrounded by instruments of his Passion, Christ materialized before the Pope. Gregory sees the vision first, gazing intently above as he spreads his hands in amazement.

Adriaen Ysenbrandt used gold-colored paint liberally to describe decorative candlesticks, censers, goblets, and the fine liturgical vestments. The church's ornate interior was rendered in crisp detail. In contrast, the figure's faces were softly and loosely painted, giving their features a blurred effect.

Okay, I know what you might be thinking - but I'm not doing this _just_ to be part of the respectible growing blog crowd! Honest! But seriously. I'd like to use this space to flush out some really interesting thinking. Some humorous stuff, some spiritual stuff, some philosophical stuff, and all things ancient and modern. I'd love to give adventures in theology, philosophy, and many other venerable topics of discussion.

I'm a 24 year old Software Engineer and Roman Catholic convert from the Southern Baptist faith. I reside in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. I'm not anything extreme - I just love Christ and His Church. I love the sacraments, and I especially enjoy the study of liturgical history (I even enjoy a traditional latin mass or eastern divine liturgy occasionally.) But I am at home wherever the mass is being celebrated. I'm big on Scripture and Apostolic Tradition, and I'm a lover of the French language, one of the most beautiful, and the Latin language, one of the great ancient and venerable tongues. I also love sacred art and music, though I am neither an artist nor a musician! But when something touches me, I'll share it.

Peace be with you.


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