Sunday, May 31, 2009

Around the house...

When it comes to worrying about all of the troubles in the world, nothing helps more than taking care of business around the house. I've been trying to tackle the lawn, which has started growing again now that the climate is warmer and more moist. The grass is not too easy to keep up with, and you gotta keep it under control before it takes over everything.

I also spent some time during the past week figuring out what to do with my old Pentium 133MHz machine. I've had this machine for many years, since through college. I decided to get a cheap wireless card for it and update the operating system, and this would allow me to stash it somewhere in the house, out of the way, as a headless box.

About 9 years ago, I installed an old distribution of Redhat Linux for it, but this time, I figured I would install something with an extremely low footprint so that I could play with it and add to it as I saw fit. I eventually decided on Damn Small Linux, based on Debian. The basic footprint of DSL is around 50MB even with xwindows and some useful apps. Installing it was a breeze, and the wireless card worked with very little effort. I've now got it stashed in a hidden location, accessible only via ssh. Linux can truly transform an otherwise useless machine. Now, I've got to figure out something useful for it to do!

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