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JPII's Theology of Communication

The OP Eastern Province Vocations blog reports that Georges Cardinal Cottier, O.P., theologian emeritus of the Pontifical Household under Pope John Paul II, spoke at a recent symposium about what he calls Pope John Paul II’s "theology of communication." This is the subject of a new book: John Paul II: Development of a Theology of Communication.

Zenit reports:
A retired theologian of the Pontifical Household says Pope John Paul II can be credited with innovating yet another type of theology: a theology of communication.

Cardinal Georges Cottier spoke Wednesday on this topic at the launch of the book, “John Paul II: Development of a Theology of Communications,” published by the Vatican publishing house...

Cardinal Cottier stated that the Pope emphasized the role of Jesus Christ in communication, as he is the creator of words and the Word himself.

The authors of the book, Sister Marie Gannon and Christine Mugridge, appeared at the symposium along with journalist Joanna Bogle.

A press release stated that the participants of the symposium “agreed that while the seeds of such a theology have always existed throughout Church history, its development only began to bear fruit during Pope John Paul II’s pontificate.”

Bogle affirmed, “There is indeed a theology of communication, and I am not sure we have really grasped its fullness yet.”

Gannon noted that the work of John Paul II drew on secular communications as well as the Church’s teaching. She explained, “This was possible, because parallel criteria for principles and methodology in both the ecclesial and the secular field were used for the analysis of material from both fields that are apropos for speaking of a theology of communication.”

The press release stated that Catholic Word, an American consortium of publishers, will distribute the new book in English.

Catholic Word president Carolyn Klika affirmed, “The theology of communication can assist every bishop and parish priest in more effectively reaching his faithful, every teacher in connecting with students, every media outlet in conveying their message, and even impact every human relationship.”
Interesting. You can find more information about John Paul II: Development of a Theology of Communication at Sacred Arts Communications.

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