Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Third Order of St. Dominic

Last Sunday, I was admitted into candidacy (aka "novitiate") for the Third Order of St. Dominic (Dominican Laity) while on retreat in southern Louisiana (near Ponchatoula, north of New Orleans). So this makes me an official member of the Order of Preachers, though I have not yet made profession. It was an extraordinary experience, and I met a lot of folks from the New Orleans region as well as from the lay provincial council for the Dominican Laity of the Southern Province.

The Lay Dominicans I have met are quite a diverse group: male and female, young and (yes) old, doctors, restaurant owners, nurses, teachers, moms and dads. It's natural to expect different perspectives on various things, and in engaging them myself, it was quite nice to see the Dominican approach to study and revealed truth play itself out. Participating in Holy Mass together, praying the Liturgy of the Hours in community, as well as the Dominican rosary -- very valuable.

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