Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can Charity Prevail on the Internet?

Some good points by Deal Hudson at
So why are people on the Internet so... rude? Studies and surveys have confirmed that Internet use does make people act uncharitably who normally would not. The impact of digital technology has created so many new ways of communicating that it has fostered an atmosphere of freedom without responsibility.
This is precisely why there are a host of blogs I have never linked to, and why I stay far away from Catholic blogs that have devolved into little more than a sort of tabloid, focused more on airing dirty laundry and snarky criticism with very little reflection -- not only because I disagree with the content and its presentation, but also because those blogs bring out the rudest comments from people. And I know from experience, rude comments only instigate more rude comments.

A gesture of thanks to Elena Maria Vidal for the link.

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