Saturday, March 01, 2008

Obama's Speech before the Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Given on July 17, 2007.

I found it to be perfectly nauseating. There's nothing truly messianic about this man. It's the same old politics couched in comfortable rhetoric. Yeah, in this speech, he says it's time to "turn the page" about five times, or "write a new chapter", or "look to a new day" and other worn lines.

Yet I can't find a word about life issues on (can anyone else?). But I don't know what's worse about this speech. There are his attempts to link Martin Luther King's vision with that of the racist, eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who referred to African Americans and other minorities as "human weeds" and "reckless breeders".

Then there's Obama's affirmation of judicial appointments as he speaks highly of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ugh. And his support for the Freedom of "Choice" Act. He also says plenty of stupid things like,
Planned Parenthood Peer Educators have become like the Underground Railroad of Sex Education [laughter]. They’re the front lines giving kids information they can’t get anywhere else.
Which basically means he approves of PP's undermining of parents' authority, which we've basically known since it was shown that Planned Parenthood administrators will even cover up crimes in some cases of statutory rape. And let's give 'em more state funds! And Underground Railroad of Sex Education? Is he sure he wants to link abortion and teen sex to the plight of slaves seeking freedom from oppression?

And does Obama really care about what's going on in the African American community? According to
In America today, almost as many African-American children are aborted as are born [3 out of 5 pregnancies]. A black baby is three times more likely to be murdered in the womb than a white baby. Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent. Twice as many African-Americans have died from abortion than have died from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined. Every three days, more African-Americans are killed by abortion than have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan in its entire history. Planned Parenthood operates the nation's largest chain of abortion clinics and almost 80 percent of its facilities are located in minority neighborhoods. About 13 percent of American women are black, but they submit to over 35 percent of the abortions.
Abortion doesn't help minorities overcome oppression, and it doesn't help women today. As I've said before, the early American feminist movement didn't subscribe to this lie, and women shouldn't believe this lie today.

Christopher Blosser has some good comments and questions:
What kind of "change" will come about, what kind of "unity" can possibly occur under such a president who obstinately repudiates the very clear teachings of the Church on the sanctity of human life?


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