Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Making sense of extreme Republican Outrage!

Some conservative Republicans are contemplating voting for Hillary(!) in the national election should John McCain secure the Republican nomination. Roland Martin at CNN generalizes a bit, but he does make some sense here:
... with conservatives one seat away from having a majority on the Supreme Court and the next president having the power to name up to three justices, do you actually think the folks who've fought two generations to re-take the Court actually want to see three Clinton jurists?
I'm sure even the most conservative Republicans can make the best of a McCain nomination if only they use their brains. I think it was foolish to expect the perfect conservative to emerge who had any chance of appealing to independent voters and who could successfully trounce a Democrat in a national election -- not after the mess left behind by the Bush Administration. Now, issues do matter. But is committing suicide really the best option in this case? Perhaps the Republicans could've done better, but I'm quite certain they could've also done far worse.

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