Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Daniel Cardinal DiNardo Fan Club

If you are on Facebook, be sure to check out the Daniel Cardinal DiNardo Fan Club Facebook Group. It is so refreshing to see so many young adults excited for our archbishop, Daniel DiNardo, and so many seem to have a personal story concerning how DiNardo has impacted their life and why they respect him as their (now) Cardinal Archbishop.

Receiving the news from Rome concerning his elevation, DiNardo stated the following:
I am deeply grateful to the Holy Father for his kindness in appointing me and for his trust in allowing me to be placed in the College of Cardinals. May I immediately add that it is also very humbling and surprising! I promise him my fullest communion, loyalty and obedience.
And we are very honored to be a part of this communion with our archbishop, who stands as a vicar and legate of Christ for our local church of Galveston-Houston (Catechism 894, 1560). But let us not pretend that our archbishop is not human as we are. He stands as successor to the Apostles, who, as we know, were also very human. Therefore, let us remember to pray for him constantly, for wisdom and strength, giving thanks to God for grace and for life in Christ. Let us also ask God for humility and for the softening of hearts.

My pastor has been asked to organize a diocesan pilgrimage to Rome next month for the consistory. There are a lot of folks going! Because the consistory is happening over Thanksgiving weekend, we will, of course, be watching it from Houston with our family.

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