Saturday, March 17, 2007

Global Warming Swindle?

Here's the video: The Great Global Warming Swindle

Article by Thomas Sowell, courtesy of Bill. (Note: Sowell is only a reporter, and to my knowledge he is not affiliated with the makers of the film.)

How much do CO2 concentrations really affect global climate change? How do we compare current warming trends with other warming trends in the earth's history? What role does the sun play in these observable climate patterns?

Not all top climate scientists agree with the current alleged consensus about human contributing factors to global climate change, and so it's clear that it's worth debate, in spite of what some folks (or politicians) may say to the contrary. Like the Global Cooling hysteria of past decades, it's important to keep some perspective.

Note: I am aware this program has its detractors -- as do other videos (like An Inconvenient Truth). But the film does raise issues that, in my opinion, do not yet have a successful or convincing response from proponents of anthropogenic global warming. So I mention it here as part of the international debate. Anybody who comes along and says that this immensely complicated issue should not debated is obviously not a scientist!

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