Thursday, October 07, 2004

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

This makes me so angry.

I can't stand this political nonsense. Does Kerry have no grasp of the ethical issues involved here? We are not opposed to stem-cell research. We are opposed to embryonic stem-cell research. He's telling us that our beliefs against using federal funds (i.e. our money) in unethical research using stem-cells extracted from living, human embryos are just part of some extreme right-wing ideology, and yet he stands with us every Sunday to profess the faith of the early martyrs. Sorry, Kerry, but you aren't holding yourself to a higher standard than President Bush, and we will not stand and let you hypocritically misrepresent this important issue for your own political reasons. Furthermore, we will not be coerced to act against the dictates of our consciences, which are formed in accordance with our religious beliefs.

At least W listened to our arguments and tried to reach a compromise, even if it wasn't completely sufficient. W even went out of his way to articulate the different types of stem-cell research and the benefits, as well as the risks, associated with each. It's clear to me who has a better grasp of this issue.

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