Monday, April 02, 2012

Ancient Heresies and their Modern Forms

Online talk from the Dominican Province of St. Joseph:
On February 6th, Fr. Austin Litke, O.P. gave a Theology on Tap lecture in Alexandria, VA entitled “Ancient Heresies and Their Modern Forms.” In his talk, Fr. Austin examined the different ancient heresies of Gnosticism, Arianism, and Pelagianism. He then compared them to the modern world by examining the Church of Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the tendency of some modern American Catholics to live as if they have control of their own salvation. He explained the foundational principle that discussions of heresy are not simply about condemning others. Rather, they are for the purpose of healing those who have fallen into error. Given that, Fr. Litke concluded his talk with a proposed remedy for healing these modern problems.

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Patrick said...

I think many people don't realize or are unaware that a great many Catholic Priests are actually Doctors. They aren't just extremely pious and noble men. In some cases Catholic Priests are scientists as well. The fact that they are so educated and still choose a lifetime of poverty and service to humanity speaks volumes of the Catholic Church.


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