Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catholic Chaplain Offers Mass in Iraqi Monastery

I thought this was a cool post by Taylor Marshall.
A friend of mine Father Jeff Whorton is a married Catholic priest (former Anglican priest under the Pastoral Provision) recently offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in an abandoned monastery in Mosul, Iraq (allegedly ancient Nineveh). It is the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq and it was recently rediscovered (see Smithsonian article). In the 1700s, 150 were martyred at this location. Today it lies in ruins.

Please pray for Fr. Jeff. He is a true hero. I am so inspired by his faith. He's a living saint. Not only is he a Catholic priest, he's also a U.S. chaplain. Not only is he a priest and chaplain, he's a married man and father of seven! Keep him in your prayers and say a Rosary for the good man.
Pray for Fr. Jeff and for all military chaplains - they are sorely needed and do incredible work for our men and women military, regardless of whether we officially agree or disagree with the jobs these men and women are asked to do.

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