Thursday, March 26, 2009

Houston Prayer Vigil Friday Evening

Planned Parenthood is having its national convention here in Houston this weekend. From
Not only is Planned Parenthood in the process of remodeling what will be the largest abortion center in the Western Hemisphere here in Houston, but they are also having their national convention here the last week of March!

That means hundreds of Planned Parenthood employees from around the country will be here in Houston.

On Friday March 27th, Planned Parenthood will have their 2009 Gala and Annual Awards ceremony at the George R. Brown Convention Center. They will be honoring Hillary Clinton.

Don't stay home on Friday, March 27th! We need you to join us in a prayer vigil on the sidewalk across the street from the George R. Brown.
The group will gather in the parking lot on Jackson which is directly behind Annunciation Catholic Church at 1618 Texas Ave. at 6:00 PM and walk in a procession. Pro-lifers from every denomination are invited and encouraged to participate.

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Alan Phipps said...

For those interested, there were about 900 people who showed up for the vigil. I'm told that Hillary Clinton arrived while we were there (but was very covert, so I didn't catch it), but the actual awards dinner didn't begin until after we had finished.

The local news did a varied job in covering the event. KHOU (CBS) was very balanced and interviewed folks in our group. KPRC (NBC) was somewhat balanced, actually referring to our group and providing a couple interviews, although they seemed a little dismissive, and KTRK (ABC) showed very little and only made reference to "about a dozen" protesters who stayed into the night.


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