Monday, July 14, 2008

I am not a number!

Yee-haw! AMC/SciFi has announced that they are producing a "miniseries reboot" of the popular British "allegorical" 1960's TV show The Prisoner.
AMC's reinterpretation of the Cold-War-era show will reflect 21st-century concerns and anxieties: liberty, security and surveillance, AMC said.
Reinterpretation? Well, I guess if it is a reboot, it has to be different, but I have to wonder if it will have the same type of campy nature that the original had as well as the more subtle (yet sometimes more obvious) allegory.

In the original series, the primary character, Number Six, was played by Patrick McGoohan (you'll know him today as Edward the Longshanks from Braveheart). In the new miniseries, Number Six will be played by Jim Caviezel, with Number Two being played by Ian McKellen.

Splendid! But can the top the original opening sequence?

We'll just have to see...

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