Tuesday, April 29, 2008

St. Catherine of Siena

Today is the glorious feast of St. Catherine of Siena (Catherine Benincasa), Lay Dominican, Virgin, and Doctor of the Church. Born in Siena, Italy in 1347, she played a very influential role in Church history.

From a letter of St. Catherine to the novices of the Dominican Order at Santa Maria de Monte Oliveto:
Have confidence! You shall find the source of charity in the side of the crucified Christ. I wish you to establish yourselves there and make a dwelling there for yourselves. Rise up then with great and burning desire. Approach, enter and remain in this sweet dwelling. No demon or any other creature can take this grace from you or hinder you from reaching your end, namely, that you should come to see and taste God. I say no more. Abide in the holy and sweet love of God. Love, love one another.
Holy Catherine, pray for me.

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